My MemeBox package!!!

This was the best thing that happened all Memebox package from Korea arrived and I literally grabbed it from my postman. Lol..

For those who are not aware, Memebox is an online Korean beauty store. They also sell monthly beauty boxes, similar to Ipsy etc. with specially curated beauty stuff. As you probably know by now, Koreans are big into beauty and naturally have innovative skin care and make up products. I had a mini shopping haul when I went to Thailand last year and I was eager to try out more. This search trail led me to this AMAZING new website.

The shipping from Korea did take a bit of time, close to 2 weeks, and this was specified when I ordered. They have lots of products which ship from within US but I wanted something in particular. I had ordered –


To be honest, cute stuff are my thing. I love cute packaging and I was really excited when I  saw this on the website. The contents though are kept a surprise like all monthly boxes, so I did not know what I was getting. Korean products are  generally effective though so I was not overly concerned.

Anyways my box arrived – As you can see, Barney was also very eager to see  what was inside. Smile

memebox 1

The box had SIX FULL SIZE products and an insert detailing their description and how to use. This was especially useful considering that all products had their description in Korean.  Sad smile


The first product in my box is the HOPE GIRL TINTED LIP BALM. I got it in a cute strawberry color. The ingredients for all products was thankfully in English. It has almond oil, grape  seed oil, jojoba oil, shea butter among other stuff. The scent is mild and fruity. The lip balm feels kind of waxy but blends on well and makes the lips moisturized.  The color is almost baby pink. image14                               image16

The second product in my box is Shara Shara Fairy’s Make Up Synergy Sun Cream.  It has SPF 45 and is supposed to be used beneath makeup, like a skin primer and promises to balance out uneven skin tone and texture. A huge plus for me, I would say. The best part though was the packaging, which you will guess why from the pictures below.


The texture is liquidy white and frankly felt too whitish for my skin tone. But once I applied it, it blended well and did not look dry or stretchy at all and I did not even apply moisturizer. This definitely feels like a winner and I will be using it a lot.

image20              image21

Third product – Ddung  Family Foam Cleansing Cream.

This is enriched with fruit extracts and protein extracts and comes in a cute package like everything else in the box.

image23  Oh so cute!!


This was the first product that I used of the whole lot. Mainly because of it’s awesome yummy smells like almond cookies.. I had to use it as soon as I opened it. This was very innovative and made my lips so soft. It has walnut shells and sugar for scrubbing action and argan oil and avocado oil for moisturizing. image25            image27


Fifth product – Youngwoosa Oh! It’s Lovely and Soft cream.(I know you think I am making these names up, but trust me they are real)

This is a moisturizer. The mercury is dipping over here and this was definitely welcome.

 image30           image31

Which brings us to the last product – Tonymoly Red Cheeks Girl’s Patch. Have you ever  used a cheek patch which makes your cheeks red. No?? You may have seen a lot of beauty products in your life but you have not seen everything unless you have seen this.

image36  image37


image38 image39


This was obviously the second product that I used from the lot, partly because once you open it, there is no way to seal it back. I hoped it would work when I was sitting but I had to lay down because it kept falling though it did stick on initially. This product honestly feels weird. Lol!! Instructions say to use it on your cheeks after cleansing and leave on for 20 minutes. It is a pink jelly soaked in liquid that you need to apply on your cheeks.


I did not notice any immediate effect with this. But later after 2 hours my hubby commented all of his own, that my cheeks look flushed!! Surprised smile So it works !##$%%% WOW. Sad that it is a one time use product, otherwise would have saved it for an occasion.

Overall I am definitely very happy with the box. It cost me $29.99 which was including shipping from Korea. The products were full size so I definitely feel like it was worth it.  I will be ordering again from the website.


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