You don’t pay my doc bills.

At 5’6 and 145 pounds, I am struggling with weight loss.The last thing I want to hear is how I am starving my body by not eating enough.

For people who advise on my diet, seriously, you are not the one dealing with health issues related to weight gain and I am not feeding my body poorly. Trust me when I say I have utmost care about my body and I am trying to set things back on track. So I’m sorry I can’t follow your ‘healthy diet’ ideas.

And no.. Not everyone needs 1200 calories. People with sedantry lifestyle might need less.  And even if it is not, I would prefer you don’t advise me on that, because

a) I already know that stuff

b) It is irritating to listen to it again

c) It is awkward when you try to stuff my mouth with food.

d) I don’t like answering questions like what did you have for breakfast, dinner etc.

e) You don’t pay my doc bills

f) You seriously don’t care about me

If there’s anything you have only irritated me long enough to stick to my resolve. Thank you.


About Turmeric Tales

Indian woman exploring life in the US. I will be blogging about Indian shopping, spices, cooking and anything and everything that excites me.
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