Almond beauty elixir

I have to admit, I have started getting wrinkles on my face. Yikes!!

I might blame the harsh winter wind or me putting on weight. But deep down I think, I know the reason. Lack of proper skin care routine.

As I was scouting for beauty tips to combat wrinkles, I came across Almond oil. Shahnaz husain claims it is a panacea for all skin ills(Shahnaz btw is the indian cosmetic goddess and beauty agony aunt). I decided I will take the plunge.

Your best bet to buying sweet almond oil is from an Indian market. It is extensively used by Indian women. There could be a bit of confusion in buying though as there is another oil called Almond drops, which is a hair care oil. It has additives and chemicals for usage in hair, so I believe it is not safe for use on skin.


Bottle of almond oil. photobombed by Barney.

Sweet almond oil though, comes in a clear glass bottle. 300 ml of almond oil costs about 5.99$ depending on store. (It is about 12$ in better health market, I checked)The bottle is rather inconvenient, I transferred a bit in a glass vial with dropper and kept it in the night stand for easy use.

There are many ways to use almond oil. The most frequent use of almond oil is as a massage oil. On skin. Also hair.

It would be a good idea to do a patch test on a small area for 24 hrs to check for allergic reactions.

Ways to use almond oil –

As a cleanser – OCM

You have probably heard about OCM or Oil Cleansing Method, if you have not it is a method of cleansing the skin with oil. Take two drops of almond oil and massage onto face and neck. Wipe with warm wash cloth after. It also acts as an effective make up remover.

As a base for makeup.

If you have dried stretched out skin after washing your face, you will find use in almond oil as a base for makeup. Mix two drops with BB cream or massage one drop of oil onto face before applying your makeup for a dewy look. Adding too much might dull your face.


Mix 3 tbsps almond oil with 4 tbsps brown sugar, for a home made exfoliating scrub, to remove dead skin, blackhead and goopy stuff.

Add it to your moisturizer.

For dry skin, add two drops with your regular moisturizer. You will find it spreads smoothly and results are amazing.

For under eye wrinkles

Almond oil is rich in antioxidants and helps with wrinkles. The key though is to massage it in one direction. At night, take two drops of almond oil on your palm, dip your index finger in it and push it in your under wrinkles upwards.

Night oil

After your eye, massage onto your face and neck including lips, for few minutes before your nighty night. (would be a good idea to keep it in night stand). Almond oil helps reduce wrinkles and dark lips.

After bath oil –

Chunk the expensive moisturizers and try sweet almond oil after your bath. Try using a small amount, right after bath, when you have some water still, so it is easy to spread.

For your hair!

The best use though is for your hair. Take few drops of oil and massage into the scalp. Take few more drops and spread along hair length too. Leave for 30-45 mins (or overnight if you wish), wash off with your regular shampoo. You will have shiny smooth hair without oily look. Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself!



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