A rose love affair.. Recipe for rose soda and rose milk.

Once you get used to Indian stores, it really is a treasure trove of exotic Indian stuff.  I would love to name a few in my upcoming blog posts.

I really miss the street food from India. My favorite though is during summer.

The place where I used to live has three seasons – Hot, hotter and hottest. In summer, streets are lined up with carts selling ice gola – crushed ice topped with different flavored syrups. A boon for school children as an after school delight.


Ice gola

Another delicacy is Rose soda or Punneer soda or goli soda as it is called colloquially, is especially popular in the southern states.  Not to be confused with Paneer, a soft cow milk cheese, Punneer means rose water in tamil, an indian language. It is manufactured indigenously and comes in dull green glass bottle with a glass marble ( called goli) at the narrow end of the bottle near the mouth. I do not know the purpose of this glass marble though.


Goli soda

Even more delectable was the sweet rose flavored milk. Topped with ice and lots of nuts, it was usually reserved for the special evenings.

The closest I can come to getting all these stuff in the US is with a bottle of rose goodness from the Indian market. ROOH AFZA or Rose Syrup.


It is a rose syrup made with other herbal ingredients. Based on an old system of medicine called Unani, it is used to cool the body(perfect for summers!). You get an equivalent brand of rose syrup called Dabur rose syrup. I prefer this to Rooh Afza since there is no extra herbal taste spoiling my drink.

Let me tell you two easy ways in which I use this syrup.

Rose Milk – Recipe

Ingredients –

Dabur Rose Syrup – 3 tablespoons

Cold Milk –1 cup + 1/3 cup (We use full fat)

Sugar – as desired

(The syrup is already sweet, so use sugar only if you have a sweet tooth like me!)

Ice cubes(Optional)


In a glass, add rose syrup, followed by sugar and top it up with cold milk. Stir vigorously till combined. Top with 2 ice cube if preferred. Enjoy cold.

rose syrup       process

Rose milk

Delicious pink frothy goodness!!

Hubby likes it after he comes home from work and before he goes out to play. Why not, it is an alternative to plain cold milk and it’s yummy!

Rose Soda / Punneer Soda – Recipe

Rose Syrup – 4-5 tablespoons

Plain soda (not flavored) – 1 cup + 1/2 cup


In a glass, scoop the rose syrup and top with cold plain soda. Adjust syrup quantity according to taste.

This is a variation to plain soda, and can be served in a party as a variation to usual flavors!

unnamed (2)

Bubbly red soda Smile

Bye till next time.


About Turmeric Tales

Indian woman exploring life in the US. I will be blogging about Indian shopping, spices, cooking and anything and everything that excites me.
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